NCSIMUL Solutions speed up the CNC machine simulation software working and bring the experience of shop floor into the classroom. Their software enhances the understanding, the speed of learning and the retention of topics dramatically. Every student can learn, from this software, the machining operations, construction of machine, work holding, tooling, and programming. This software can be used by the teacher for teaching, or by any student for self-learning purposes.

This software is a comprehensive training software for CNC machines. It eliminates the efforts needed for collecting materials required for teaching, materials for physical demonstration and most importantly, it eliminated the need for demonstrations outside the classroom. It is difficult and less effective to teach a student just by using textbooks. As a result of which the teacher spends the time to prepare presentations that are effective. However, these are not enough to get the attention of students and there is still a wider gap between the knowledge of the student and what is expected in the industry. NCSIMUL Solutions with CNC machine simulation software occupies this wide gap by improving the retention and understanding of topics. It teaches CNC turning and milling technology in an effective manner through animations, videos, text, and pictures. Instead of taking students to the shop floor to gain experience and show machines and tools, this software changes the environment of the classroom to that of a shop floor.

NCSIMUL provides an integrated CNC program simulation and complete control of the production processes that take place in industries. It enhances all the steps in order to increase the feed rate, by means of going through tool management for reduction of cost and verification of G-code. Optimization is done for collision-free cycles and reduction is done for operating cycles and finally, one-click programming of CAD programs is done for a faster and simpler production transfer.

    • Reducing teaching time and promotion of self-learning
    • Latest method for teaching to make subject interesting
    • Improving understanding capability and retention of topics
    • Learning time will be less than 4 hours
    • Simplifying of digital chain and providing of tools and flexibility for automated factories.

NCSIMUL Solutions mention the status of the machine, either manually or automatically. It delivers support for OPC, the standard for industrial automation internationally. This means that the status of the machine can be stated in real time with output details, downtime, failures, and setups. This information can be implemented to generate routine activity reports in tabular or graphical form to allow certain data to be analyzed and strategize for efficient planning of production. Thus this status reporting of CNC program simulation also ensures the execution of scenarios and sophisticated processes of supervision.