Heavy Industry

Heavy industry involves large and heavy products, equipment and facilities such as large machine tools and huge buildings. Construction and transportation along with manufacturing businesses have been the bulk of the heavy industry. Along with some capital-intensive manufacturing, traditional heavy businesses like steelmaking, artillery production, locomotive erection, machine tool building and the heavier types of mining, chemical industry, and electrical industry have developed and involved components of the heavy industry, light industry, automotive industry and the aircraft industry. Modern shipbuilding is also taken into account as heavy industry. Large systems such as the construction of skyscrapers and large dams are often considered as heavy industry and the manufacturing or deployment of large rockets and giant wind turbines are a part as well.

Heavy industry manufacturing emphasizes the highly durable finish. From heavy vehicle manufacturing and spare-part suppliers and companies to maintenance shops and out-workers, everyone who is involved wants to meet the increasing desires of heavy industry in terms of design and productivity. Hence they require a CAD/CAM software that can live up to the same. It should be capable of producing durable components and more than end users, the goods are sold to the industrial sector. Thereby, heavy industry manufacturing tends to be supply chain of other products.

CAM/CAD manufacturing leader, Mastercam is traditional and can get the bird’s view of the heavy industry. Their software delivers a set of design tools to world-class firms ranging from equipment manufacturers and Fortune 500 vehicle to small support shops. With Mastercam downloaded, heavy industrial equipment can meet the standards and be the stock of high-quality merchandise. CAM software has proved to be the best in the business for idealistic design. That is how they have remained at the top of CAD/CAM technology by listening to the needs of customers, being very feasible and accessible. The features of Mastercam software for the heavy industrial manufacturing are:

  • CAM tools for solving difficult machining issues
  • Mastercam 5-axis streamlined cutting, trimming and drilling
  • Customised movement for tool and decreased cutting time
  • Tools that target uncut areas efficiently and quickly
  • Save machining strategies for similar parts and components

Heavy industry is the main part of the country’s economy. This dependence on heavy industry is a government economic policy. The economy often focuses on heavy industry as a sector for larger investments. They are capital-intensive that they need a lot of machinery and equipment to produce. In this industry, large machines are used to build raw materials and large objects.

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