Government / Military

Military applications need a rugged and sophisticated design for manufacturing. Both a defence contractor and a supplier would require world class equipment and they would like to produce precise and quick products. Wanting to be recognized leaders in the market, they would love to have expertise in a demanding and highly regulated environment. Government of any nationality will require a design that include a variety of highly specialized technologies that could be used in multiple applications from undersea warfare to cockpit controls as well as satellite communications.

The government manufacturing team works with central government departments and other industries to reform the way government instruments, be it tools, dies, products, etc., are manufactured across all sectors. The main strategy is to design a tool and make sure not to reduce waste and support economic growth as well. It can also combine with a more efficient manufacturing industry.

Government and military manufacturing depend on high precision, reliability, and speed. A powerful software tool is required for government sector and military bodies to analyse the design and quality of the equipment. Even the suppliers need a tool to solve issues and improve the hardware. The performance of the hardware must be high and satisfying. From government research and development shops and suppliers to defence contractors and other MRO businesses, everyone who is involved requires a CAD/CAM software that can live up to the increasing demands of specialised structure and potential equipment.

Mastercam introduces a strategic path which involves automotive tool path generation and support for most government and military agencies ranging from United States Armed Forces bases to smaller contract shops. With Mastercam downloaded, government and military equipment can meet the standards and needs of high quality merchandise. Mastercam software have proved to be the best in the business for idealistic design. The features of Mastercam software in this field are:

  • Solving complex machining issues at high speeds
  • Competitive tools that meet the standards of forgings and castings
  • Easier upgrading of CAM software
  • Decreased cutting time taken and specialized boosting for tool life
  • Intelligent and efficient cutting of uncut areas

Manufacturing sector has evolved through many phases. From the beginning industrialisation and the license to liberalisation to the current phase of universal competitiveness, manufacturing companies are targeting global markets in several sectors and are becoming formidable world competitors. Mastercam is a supportive company for the manufacturing sector. Their software is used widely and many manufacturing tools are utilised.

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