Mold / Tool and Die

Tool and die industries manufacture jigs, fixtures, machine tools, cutting tools, dies, molds, gauges, etc., in manufacturing processes. Tool and die industries work primarily in environments with flexible boundaries. Art and science (specifically, applied science) are thoroughly intermixed in this field, as engineering is also a part. Manufacturing and tool and die engineers work in close consultation and are termed as a part of a manufacturing engineering team.

A die is a useful tool used to cut or shape materials in manufacturing industries. Dies are generally modified based on the item they are used to create. Equipment made with dies range from simple paper clips to complex pieces which are used in advanced technology. Toolmaker operates on a mechanically-controlled or computer-controlled machine tools to produce precise metal parts, tools and instruments. They craft tools and tool holders that cut, shape or form metal and other materials. They also construct jigs and fixtures.

In order to build successful mold, tool & die shops, we need to look at the flexibility, speed and ability to deliver an excellent finish. From mold and tool companies to mold repair businesses, everyone who is involved requires a CAD/CAM software that can live up to the increasing demands of the tooling and calibrating.

A tooling and die hardware can be precisely designed and equipped. Mastercam software have proved to be the best in the business for manufacturing instruments. The equipment designed are accurate and that is how they have remained at the top of CAD/CAM technology. Mastercam, one of the flagrant companies involved in CAM/CAD manufacturing, delivers design tools and functions to global firms ranging from Fortune 500 consumer corporations to start-up mold shops. The features of Mastercam software in this field are:

  • Wider range of CAM tools
  • Highly competent roughing techniques and CNC router programmes
  • Targeting uncut areas brightly and efficiently
  • Specialized motion for tool life and decreases time taken for cutting
  • Superior finishing techniques that reduces the required bench time

A software that is specialised for mold, tool and die industry is a secret component for manufacturing of useful hardware. A universal community of Mastercam resellers will help you in case of any doubts and suggest tips for easier understanding. Mastercam jobs requires years of practical experience and that’s why they have knowledge in your area and markets, thereby, they will ensure that your doubts are cleared and guide you to prepare for a better implementation of the software.

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