Woodworking is the skill or activity of manufacturing items made of wood and it includes the making of cabinet (furniture and cabinetry), woodturning, wood carving, carpentry and joinery. Wood is one of the first materials that was used for manufacturing by human beings. Woods are generally differentiated into three types: Hardwood which are derived from broad-leaf trees, Softwood which are derived from coniferous trees and finally, man-made wood such as MDF and plywood. Millwork materials are traditionally any mill-wood used construction of buildings, exterior-finish, interior-finish or any other decorative components done using wood. Currently, millwork encompasses items that are manufactured using alternative options of wood, including plastics, synthetics and wood-adhesive mixtures.

The lumber or wood industry is a reserved economic segment that comes along with forestry, trade of timber, logging and the making of forest products, lumber or timber, etc.,. Primary forest and wood products such as furniture items and secondary wood products like wood pulp required for the pulp and paper industry also come under this category. The wood industry plays a major and dominating role in economy of the country. Accomplishment in the sector of CNC woodworking/millwork requires flexible, quick and unique software tools. From furniture and wood product manufacturers to fixture shops and one-off suppliers, everyone who is involved requires a CAD/CAM software that can meet the requirements of the today’s generation.

Mastercam, a company that supplies a great set of focused tools to global firms, has been giving solutions real world issues in the woodworking industry. It supports with design tools and functions by solving machining problems for companies ranging from top-tier furnishers to smaller start-up specialty stores. The design using Mastercam software is robust and competitive and can provide detailed sketch of interior and exterior wood finishes of buildings and thereby, being handy for manufacturers and engineers. Their software includes features like:

  • Best tool for solving machining challenges
  • Specialized CNC wood carving and CNC turning
  • Built-in engraving, nesting, aggregate tools and more
  • Modernised multi-axis cutting, drilling and trimming
  • Machining strategies can be saved and accessed later on similar parts

Woodworking and Millwork industry, having an ideal software for its manufacturing purposes, will achieve its goals and become an economically successful sector. Mastercam has a group of enthusiasts and experts who are skilled in the software. They will guide you to get the best experience through the software. You can also achieve the most of your valuable investment and create unique and creative designs using Mastercam software tool.
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