Cam stands for computer-aided manufacturing. It requires a software program specifically for its operation and it is used by manufacturers of printed circuit boards in order to create, change and optimize the various CNC program files used for printed circuit board routing and drilling machines. In specific, being the best CNC simulator, NCSIMUL 4CAM is used to improve the setup files that are used to program for Excellon machines, Hitachi machines and other PCB routing and drilling machines.

NCSIMUL 4CAM augments many other existing CAM processes as it is the latest module of NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS and simplifies all the processes of CNC programming and provides supreme elasticity in the experience of shop floor work. It allows modifying the necessary changes in a flash or a click in the target machine without the necessity of any CAM reprogramming. From the main CAM section or in any of the existing CNC programming machines, this CNC program simulator for CAM generates the code directly without the use of any outer post-processor or CNC natural programs that are optimized and verified taking into consideration the physical aspects of the workshop.

In the present scenario, simulation techniques of the cam-follower system are poorly dynamic to the actual dynamic operational behavior of the system because they ignore the most important events which are common in these machines, that is, over-travel and impact. Thus there is a requirement for a new dynamic model which should be developed with a combination of these events. From this new model, an insight of proper design of many systems with the deliberate impact and over travel should be developed through a computer modeling system. Therefore NCSIMUL 4CAM will play a crucial role in this development. The key features of this software are:

  • Unified legacy recovery of the program with hybrid programming
  • Error-free natural code programming, for CNC machining
  • Streamlined CNC process and no external postprocessor,
  • Faster re-programming with complete flexibility in CNC program simulator
  • Rest product management is dynamic with high programming comfort

To get a better and precise representation of automatically operated assembly machines, a simplified and easier industrial cam model system is manufactured in CAD software platform of Solidworks. A single-degree, two mass dynamic model was produced in Simulink and is a dynamic modeling tool. It is legalized by comparing the same with other model results that were taken from DYNACAM that is the program of cam design. Once the model is authenticated, an over-travel mechanism and a better-controlled impact should be manufactured, designed and assembled together in order to form a much simplified industrial cam-follower system. NCSIMUL 4CAM is the best CNC simulator.