NCSIMUL Optimization

NCSIMUL Optimization delivers interactive tools, functions, and blocks for tuning and analyzing various model parameters. You can determine all the model’s sensitivity, use the model to test data and finally, tune it to meet necessary requirements. You can also explore the design space and calculate the influence of parameter on the behavior of the model.

Simulink Optimization helps you grow model accuracy with CNC simulation software. You can test the data, estimate model parameters automatically such as friction and aerodynamic coefficients and also validate the obtained results. You can also improve design characteristics of the system such as bandwidth, response time and consumption of energy and optimize the physical plant parameters jointly and algorithmic or controller gains cordially. These parameters can be modified to meet the requirements of time-domain and frequency-domain such as phase and overshoot margin and other custom requirements.

This software tool analyses cutting conditions and drastically reduces air cutting effects. It also enhances feed rates and lets users create a better strategy for cutting. Other benefits are the reduction in the cycle time production, improvement of cutting operations and quick development of new G-code files optimized for upcoming applications. This NCSIMUL module allows you to enhance the tool length, air cutting and other cutting conditions of your NC programs be it 3 axes, 4 axes or a 5 axes software.

  • Reduced operating cycle time for all your programs
  • Enhanced quality of machining operations and CNC simulation software
  • Reduction in the bending phenomena and collision risks with tool support feature
  • Suppression of collisions with tool support and tool-bedding reduction
  • User defining approach and retracted motion parameters
  • Incorporation of main TMP used by the industry in the form of working zones
  • Optimization of cutting conditions in the required machining width and depth functions

You can introduce a time-domain requirement of design by choosing a requirement type and by specifying the right model that signals for a user to evaluate the need, without even adding any blocks to your entire model. Simulink Optimization allows you to specify the design requirements to enforce lower and upper amplitude bounds and constraint properties like final value and signal variance, thereby meeting characteristics of the step response. You can also track various reference signals and meet the required custom needs

This software also lets many users use and save their own desired TMP according to the needs and experience acquired in various workshops. Thus this software innovates a way of optimizing used owned NC programs by integrating with the company.