Wire EDM Software

Electrical discharge machining is a process of manufacturing in which a desired size or shape is attained by using discharges of electricity. The material is detached from the work piece by a sequence of frequent discharges of current between two electrodes which are separated by a liquid that is a dielectric liquid, and the material is subjected to an electric voltage. One electrode are known as tool electrode while the other is known as work-piece electrode. The entire process relies on the tool and work piece without making the actual contact.

Wire EDM programming software is also known as wire cutting or wire-cut EDM. In wire EDM, a thin single stranded wire of metal, generally brass, is given through the work-piece which is submerged in a tank containing dielectric fluid, maybe

deionized water. Wire EDM is often used to cut through plates which are very thick about 300m and to make tools, dies and punches from metals which are hard to machine with other techniques.

Mastercam, being best CAM software for wire, has features for more productive and better EDM operation. You can just select the library option in the program and a quick library opens up. You can pick your own settings for the various tools that you’re going to manufacture with. You can choose the offset of the wire in the computer, control or in both places. You can also offset the same in the reverse direction, thereby letting us do everything virtually over Mastercam.

Having a dedicated software for wire EDM is one of the biggest moves of Mastercam. Mastercam software is designed for efficiency and it lets us move a single file between various machines, therefore saving time and also, avoiding minor mistakes. This software has a user-customizable libraries power settings for wire and other registers for skim and rough passes. The key feature of this software include:

    • Efficient creation of tabs and options to manage them.
    • Control settings for taper angles and corner types at any point or place in the contour.
    • Tapered or straight and skim or reverse cutting from any direction.
    • Significant wire-path filtering to reduce file sizes.
    • Automatic lead-in and lead-out plans.
    • Manual or automatic 4-axis syncing.
    • Easy contouring in 2- or 4-axis.

Mastercam is the best CAM software for wire and is a worldwide used CAM software. It remains the choice of program among many CNC programmers. Mastercam Wire is the future of wire programming, delivering all-inclusive EDM software solutions with distinguished wire tools and techniques. Mastercam Wire helps your workshop with expanding capabilities. Starting from the basic 2-axis contouring to a complex round of 4-axis motion, Mastercam ensures that you’re ready for any kind of task.