Mastercam for Solidworks 2019 Release Highlights






Mastercam for Solidworks 2019 Release Highlights

Only have a few minutes? Listed below are a few of the highlights from this release, including new toolpaths and enhanced functionality.

New Deburr Toolpath

A new toolpath is now available for Multiaxis. Deburr is used to break edges for 3-to-5 axis, and to remove burrs.

The Deburr toolpath can be used with the following tools:

  • Ball end mill
  • Lollipop with undercut

New Model Chamfer Toolpath

A new toolpath is now available for 2D machining. The Model Chamfer toolpath allows you to machine safe horizontal chamfers on solid models. Model Chamfer only supports the following:

  • Chamfer mill tool type
  • Solid edges and faces for Chain geometry
  • Surfaces, solids, and meshes for Avoidance model

New Prime Turning™ Toolpath

The Prime Turning toolpath is available for Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS for Lathe. Select Lathe ToolpathsPrime Turning on the Mastercam2019 tab.

Mastercam has partnered with Sandvik Coromant on the development and support of their innovative Prime Turning™ method and CoroTurn® Prime tooling. With these tools and methods, Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS allows you to turn in conventional turning and Prime Turning directions. When combined with either CoroTurn Prime A-type or B-type inserts, Prime Turning provides superior metal removal rate, productivity gains of over 50%, and increased tool life in a variety of materials.

3D Tool Support

Stand-alone Mastercam now allows you to build tools from 3D STEP models. You cannot create them in Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS; however, they are supported for use in toolpaths. You can also view them when using Classic Backlot or Mastercam Simulator.


 Advanced Toolpath Display

Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS now displays toolpaths with different colors, based on the move type. The following image depicts a part with a Dynamic Opti Rough toolpath, with Advanced Display toggled on.

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