Switch Machine in just a single click & save Programmer’s Time!!!



NCSIMUL 4CAM is the new NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS module, enriching the existing CAM process to simplify CNC programming and provides unparalleled flexibility on the shop floor. It allows to change, in one click, the target machine, without any CAM reprogramming.

Main Features of NCSIMUL 4CAM:

  • Match your CAM Environment
  • Switch machines
  • Split programs
  • Multi-Part Machining


  • Produce more CHIPS = SAVE 30 to 40%
  • Solution to match market request & reach fast ROI
  • Increase the O.E.E. of your CNC machines in the Shop-Floor
  • Increase productivity
    • Reduce the machining cycling times
    • Optimize tool change


  • Easy CNC Machining Switch
  • New Technology integrating the Post processor
  • Fast NC Programming

A program Compatible with Any:

  • Controller
  • Kinematics
  • Machine


Current Loaded Machine Mazak

mastercam supported machines



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